My First Blog!

27 05 2005

Yes, finally this is up. I always wanted to have a blog page, but did not sign up untill this point. Laziness – the major pre-occuapation and minor pre-occupations like reading, surfing and still lesser, learning, were the major hurdles. Utilmately I have entered the community of bloggers. It feels good.

Oh, the important question what should I write? Well, there is nothing in particular that comes to my mind. Or a lot of things come to the mind yet in feeble voices. You have to have a strong motivation to write something good. Nevertheless, we (Summer students at IMSc) were discussing a lot of things these days. Philosophical dilemmas! šŸ˜‰ Whether to live or not, Meaning of life and …… blah blah. Floating from one topic to another. It suddenly occured to me that some thought should be given about those topics. Of course, when we discuss we never think! OK, I just spent some time alone and floated in my thoughts. Yes, there was a conclusion. At least, for the moment.


Lying in a cossy bed of imagination
When the lullaby of hopes
Amplifies to a deafening silence.
And the sweet melody of existence
Fades to enigmatic muffled voices,
It pervades till my eternity.
As breath, as pulse, as jerks.
Until that brink of time,
The last wink of my eye,
I love living with this rhythmic chaos,
In this battle field of civilized brutes
To dream, to explore to fight
And never ever to submit.




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