The Frontiers

27 05 2005

Frontier – I wonder about this word. An international boundry or undeveloped area or field for discovery or research, as per dictionary. In fact, are they necessary evils. Or evils which exist out of the primarily selfish human psyche. Sygmond Freud should happy to believe the latter version.

When abstractions give way to concreteness, rigidity increases and fortresses crop up. Philosophy is considered as worthless subject by many people. Especially by the people belonging to the applied science clan. A clan which still has not thought about “de-construction”(Fortunately, I no longer belong to that clan. A big relief!). But the issue cannot be left as a diversity in thought. The notion of nationhood, state, religion and even cultural identity depend on the frontiers drawn by mortals. Might be out of the necessity in their period of existance. But more often as desperate measures to safe guard the power. Frontiers are more often constructions of the powers-that-be, who demand mechanised behavior to consciousness, uniformity to diversity and above all, mute servility to critical thinking. The question whether we actually need frontiers is rarely allowed to be discussed.

The only optimism is that science has served the purpose of lifting the plane of thoughts from naive observations and compartmentalised solutions to abstract knowledge. Abstractness with a margin of creativity that can sustain human life, is the best answer to the iron fences of human ignorance and at times selfishness. Spirit of science rather than science as an entity, should perpetuate to the masses. This forces me to believe that more frontiers are eminent. For the cult of “technology worship” has became the symbol of human race today. Unless a paradigmn shift in social perspective (which has only rare chances) happens, “narrow domestic walls” will crop up. More and more invisible walls. Where you can see the other side if you really care, still cannot realize them and breaking almost impossible. The important question is whether science be able to repeat history. Can it raise the level of abstraction in human thought and take humanity to a new phase of enlightment. A new theory.

The Gods of the day;
Holy mortals of complexity.
Your dumb and mute facades sting.
Your wrath to wisdom,
To questions that shake the your edifices
Bleed as wars and famines.
Still should I worship you?
Still, should I serve you like a slave?
Still, should I kill,
Be part of the “collateral damages”?
I hate genesis.
For the God drew the frontiers.
And forbide many a fruits of justice.
But I hate you as much,
For you enlarged the scope
And extended original sin.
Let me be, the Adam
And challenge your frontiers.
For every rustle of a leaf
Carries the wisdom of Eve.




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