Four Men and a Bong on a Trip!

29 05 2005

Finally we went to Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry yesterday. The discussions were on from the very first day of our Summer Project. But every weekend before had the same story to tell. Work, fever or out of the mood. Fortunately, there weren’t excuses for this saturday and everybody was desperate for a hangout.

Imagine, four guys and a Bong (Bengali, with no offense meant) going to a historical place and then to a typical anti-socials’ destination. Puneet, Kapish, Ashutosh and me -the anti-socials and Shailadithya – the typical “slow” running old time piece, always in a contemplating mood. Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram) temples were interesting atleast to me and Shailadithya (Bongs and Mallus have a lot in common starting from a strong parallel movie culture to Marxist party! Perhaps, this is not a mere co-incidence too). But I agreed more with Ashutosh (the aspiring mathematician and a worshipper of logic) about the concept of cave temples. To quote his argueably uncouth remarks, “This is simply bull shit. Fuck the kings who did these. It stings -the product of slave labour for years and that too for something worthless. And people say Shahjahan built Taj Mahal for Mumtaz as the symbol of his love. He did for his dick! What right do they have to torment some people just to satisfy their fucking fancies? ………. “. I don’t know when did Ashutosh actually became a follower of Bertold Brecht! He hasn’t even heard about marxist ideology. Nevertheless, I agree with it. Inflicting pain on hundreds or perhaps thousands to satify an ego is no great deed. The credit, if at all it has to be given, should be to the unknown sculptors. Not to the almighty kings.

The next destination was what we had longed for. The heaven for “drunken bastards”! Nobody was really interested in visting “interesting” places. Just feel light, roam arround the beach and preserve valuable alcohol inside our stomachs was the sole motto. A noble one of course. We (myself, Puneet and Ashutosh) consumed 7 bears and 7 pegs of hot drinks altogether. Imagine, the alcohol which would have “corrupted” three or four other noble indiviguals! A satisfaction of having done a social service. 😉

Kapish was in a shopping cum bird watching mood while, I frankly do not know the mood of our dear Bong. Once we were on the lighter side, it was again the unending discussion and disclosure session. There weren’t any shocking relevations yet interesting ones where there. Ashutosh let the cat out of the bag during the final hours we spent at Pondi. A romantic album worth Rs. 150/- (oh, an amount worth 3 pegs of Bacardi and some good food!)was purchased to gift someone. I call this a sacrifice. Great man! Hmm, but we all know that someone. And today it happened. Best of luck man! 🙂

The return journey was tormenting. Quite slow as compared to the forward journey. Or was it because world went too slow for us? Anyway, we reached back by 3:00’O clock early morning. Yet another complete nightout for me. In fact, the fourth one in a row.

The trip was enjoyable to conclude. Perhaps, we would like another hangout to satisfy the “carnal desire for alcohol intoxication”. The next time we are sure to have another Bong as replacement. Mayukh is ready and couldn’t come this time because of Jaundice. Well, plenty of time is left before we leave Chennai.




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