A Discussion

30 05 2005

It was yet another nightout. A nightout discussion. Two aspiring physicsists and one aspiring mathematician on a row. Two with common tastes and one with a dimetrically opposite interest. Myself and Mayukh were the band of men with something in common; passionate about literature and interested in liberal arts. Ashutosh, as is always, a person who believes in logic and consistency.

Ashu started with his famous statement. “Sab bakwaas hai! Muje pata nahi ke log ye literature kyom padthe hai. Bahoot vague hai or ye galat baath hai….” The typical mathematician’s remark who consider a statement should only have one precise meaning.

The arguement went on and we touched very many charted and uncharted waters. But ultimately Ashutosh was struck at a point. “Is vagueness something really bad in all contexts?” And we said that it better to suicide if the whole world becomes purely mathematical. So disgusting! When the definitions of “beauty”, “love”, “consciousness” and “emotions” become precise and there is no margin of tolerance, I’ll better die.

“Godel’s incompleteness theoram” was the key. Mathematics is an exact science. Well, we do have some results which points to the shaky nature of some foundation pillars. Oh, I’m not an expert, neither did I feel Ashu was an expert in the philosophical implication of a physical law. But ultimately, we felt to be better off. Atleast we have raised our hands to open sky after “Quantum Behaviour” of matter was discovered. Non-deterministic physics sounds better to me. But kill the GODs first. We are not talking about them. Let them go to hell!




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