A Tribute to the Greatest Socialist Ever

31 05 2005

The greatest socialist ever

When the songs from muted hearts
Found no echoes from the rigid concrete walls,
And the pains of broken wings
Reverberated in but hollow dumb ears of power,
I heard the serene voice of a mortal.
The text books spoke volumes of his divinty
His sublimity and authority.
But never about his enchanting humanity.
Never about his all encompassing humility.
The son of the man!
You reside inside me naked,
Stripped from the stains of blood smelling crusades
And treacherous impositions on wisdom and justice,
Devoid of your celebrated miracles
And symbols that segregated people
Creating boundaries of filthy faiths,
Ever preaching but one message.
The one of love, sharing and tolerance.
That makes me a socialist.
And I owe to you that legacy.
Whatever power greed morons
And prophets who damned vision to dogmas
Will ever say and preach.
I love you and feel you
In each pulse that keeps me alive.

This might sound obnoxious to the “religious” christians -people who consider “god fearing” as a virtue. The only explanation from my part is that this is not for you. And perhaps will never be for you. For people who can’t use their own imagination and reason to decipher the metaphors that Christ spoke, to interpret and more than anything realize them, don’t have a right to be concerned. I’m least bothered about what is literally written in a book. Any book for that matter. I haven’t found any “divine” books either. When some mortals could write something, so do I have the right to (I don’t claim any greatness). It isn’t my concern whether people agree with me or not.

We (me and Yohan)had been discussing about Christ and Bible a while ago. It was an amazing revealation that a religious (not god fearing and church fearing) Christian actually shared many of my own views. Yes, that I consider, Jesus Christ as the first ever and greatest socialist. Of course, I know this owes some explanation. I am coming to it.

A prophet is the one who negated from his predecessor. Every Prophet (I mean a visionary who preached things relevant to that age). But a great prophet is the one who also added this phrase to his teaching that, the one will who succeed me too will negate from me. That humanity is not so static to end with a last prophet. Very few historical or mythological figures actually maintained such a view. It was first stated objectively after a deep study of history and sociology by Karl Marx. But sure Marx was never a prophet and never did he claim to be one. He was an academician who put across his analysis. A human being who could preach better values (with respect to the existing ones), speak aloud from intution or a sense of history and sociology, classifies to be a great prophet. Again, we are not talking about divinity here. The word can be better translated as a visionary who saw and thought about humanity beyond his period of existence. In fact, wasn’t this that Jesus exactly told the unimaginative people and his foolish disciples?

Well, you can certainly argue that there is no proof in Bible. But who made the Bible? It was not Christ so as to put across his thoughts exactly. But as a matter of fact, the Bible was collected (from writings of various disciples and other sources), debated and finally standardised 500 years after Christ. This process can be argued as a democratic election today – a perversion of the word democracy should I say. Because, it was the high priests who had tremendous power (in political and social circles) and posessed wealth, who finally decided each aspect of Bible to be taught, under Roman emperor Constantine. In no way were their Christ the common people’s prophet who lived in their hearts rather than as an authoritarian ruler who controlled their lives. Therefore, the claim of Biblical authority itself is meaningless to a large extend. Yes, I dare to say Bible is just like any other book. A biography which contains the biases of the writer. Of course, I’m not the authority to objectively substantiate my claim. This is just my opinion. The one I formed out of a bit of rational thinking and reading.

Let us talk about that Christ – the noble man who spoke in metaphors. The person who uttered words and parables which required essay type explanations for his disciples. Yet, they could never get into the heart of those sentences. When he said “let people who have eyes see and those with ears listen”, I wonder why it didn’t strike a chord in those intellectual pygmies. Let this not be imposed up on people and let only people who agree and realise, follow me – the simplest translation that I can possibly think about these words. And we saw crusades and new forms of crusifications. When Bruno was burned alive, I’m sure it was Christ who wept for him the most (as the son of man not GOD).

The sermon on the mountain -When he found people hungry and food hardly sufficient for a few people, I heard the bold voice of a socialist and not a mere pacifist. To share what is available with all. And all were satisfied. The idea of sharing, hitherto unknown to the western world, was first introduced there. Still you insult him proclaiming him to be mere mystic concerned only with the life after death. Your huge pilgrim structures stink! You still did a great job to speak about the wealth accumulated by Communists (although a hypocrisy, a fact for that matter). And yes, it was not just you alone. All symbols of faith rest on the pillars of sweat and blood of people who were forced to work for it. Slave labourers in the early periods and did you not find any Biblical statement condemning that? That we should believe he who went to common people and downtroddens, healing them, caring them, was a naive believer of a faith that GOD created them like and it was their fate but will fetch rewards in the other world. For whom are these facades? This is a fact with respect to every religion and I would never take side with any of them too. I feel disgusted to see “architectural monuments” for faith.

Jesus – The first person to take the side of a “whore” and retorted to those moronic hypocrites that let people who haven’t sin alone throw stones. And still, you couldn’t find a deeper meaning in that? When he sympathised with the prostitutes and tax collectors, the social out casts created by the same rotten social setup, didn’t you see the first feminist and genuinely rational human being? Remember, this happened in a time when a whore was invariably created by the male chaunistic social setup (even today for that matter) and women had absolutely no voice. Why is this still not viewed as a wonder, that it was more women who cried for Jesus? Even the wives and sisters of the Jews who wanted him to be crusified. And even today why does Christ live as a much more deeper emotion in women? Of course, the powers-that-be who can see sex as the sole purpose of women and those who still covertly imposes their dictums as morality, can never see beyond the literal meaning of the words he spoke and deeds he did.

He who only claimed to be the son of man was made the son of GOD, by you. When John the Baptist spoke about Jesus, it was equally meant for all his followers (“the one who will follow me will succeed me”). Still, with all the words he spoke, you could only create a church out of him. A rock structure. But he was the clear stream of water, the spring, coming out from the rock. It could quench anybody’s thirst. It was life giver in that sense and never a dogmatic set of rules which segregate a group of people from another proclaiming their supremacy. Did he ever proclaim the supremacy of his thoughts?

I still feel pride for that young boy who ventured out into the temple of those barbarians and negated from the thoughts of the previous prophet. Are you fools to believe that he never considered the possiblity that his own thoughts might be negated by the next one? When “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth“, was replaced by “love your neighbour as you love yourself” and blind adherence to the ten commandments by “loving, realising and submitting to the will of the GOD“, didn’t you see a revolutionary? I could imagine such words with fire only from the mouth of a socialist revolutionary. An idealist who is against all forms of inhuman acts and one who stood for change (yes, this is my definition for a socialist). Christ was the greatest enemy of not the Roman empire (for all empires will have to fall one day), but the high priests of Judaism. And where did you stand, the self proclaimed authorities of his vision, when so much inhuman acts were done as wars? When more vicious high priests (as nation states and selfish economic powers)did the same thing and continue to do worser things, where do you place your foot at? He challenged and you impose (or speak nonsense when relevant issues come).

Last but not the least, Christ lives in my heart as my ideal of a socialist. A noble man, yet human in all aspects. I love that human Christ who spoke for the people and preached metaphors with indepth meanings. The one who dared to challege the most powerful authority of his time -the priesthood. And yes, above all the one who foresaw his death and still continued. He isn’t an unchallengable authority (he never wanted to be one), but the first one who inspired people to challenge (not just to revolt but also put accross alternatives) . There are plenty of words in your Bible speaking about faith. But I can never accept this to be the view maintained by him (I know it makes no difference, but this is my opinion). The person who abandoned the furious GOD of Moses and introduced a GOD which lives in our own heart and not in churches and temples – He was Christ.

I’m no theist, but surely love this mystic socialist who spread the message of love, sharing and tolerance. A mortal whose life itself is the best example for not submitting before ruthless authority. Oh, dear popes and high priests, I wonder when will you raise your head and tell the biggest devil of the day, Mr. Geoge Bush (and a big fool for that matter to think that he would succeed in his Project for the New American Century), that you are a burden to this world.




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31 05 2005

Arun.S here…glad to see your blog,i am still reading it,so i’ll comment on what u’ve written sometime later.
This is my journal…take a visit there sometimes when you r free.
read http://www.livejournal.com/users/cognoscenti85/17194.html?nc=2 also…

Good day.

31 05 2005

and change the comment settings if you want 2 allow anonymous comments…ur blog doesnt allow that now.

31 05 2005

your blog is excellent..appreciating the brave thoughts..
But i have to diss agree with some thoughts..first u started with saying that u have no belief in religion… is it only means that u have no belief in hindu religion .. Any way u considered Christ as a socialist..ok i agree with that…
and u said he is the first man who said iam not the last one. But there u forgot one hindu prophet who said earlier that ” when the nature imbalanced with anti naturalists, then i will come again and again..”… you might have to be start from the only culture or philosophy . which believes that nature is not static but it is cyclic.
Any way this is an article about christ.. but iam expecting an article about hinduism. or india.

secondly many places i saw that u are becoming a typical leftist…who can oppose all indigenous things

on that journey u had some commends about indian kings…Iam sure slave system was not there in ancient india ,and Indians are not barbarians to cut the hands of sculpture like shajahan..and kings were not gods in india. on the time of “abhisekam” to each king there is an advice which means ” up on u, there is “dharma danda ” and they used to beat with a small stick on kings head….

The first democracy or communism u can see in india
thre is “slogam” {four lines}in neethysaaram..which tells about the vision of king..

which means..
there is no king and kingdom..
no ruler or subjects..
with the truth all people have to save {live) each other
this is the goal of a hindu ruler…..

I am agree there was exceptions..especially indian puroohithas (preists) they played badly ….their roles..

in veda they are telling “Let good thoughts comes to me, from all over the world”[a bad translation]…
but i am afraid, we are accepting only bad thoughts from the west.(even though they have many good things)

I am sure u are not unaware of these things…….
NB:- thre was an article by ravisankar (sree-sree) saying that krishna was the first socialist (or marxist!!) bcz he take butter from the “haves” and gave to the “havenot s”…..!! and etc..

Okk any way congradulation for a good article and better language…

with love..
NB 2:-forgive spelling and grammer mistakes..

1 06 2005


Stopped to your blog through Noufal. Few comments.

1. This article I guess is something where you got your facts wrong. Consider the model where the prophets say that I came here to confirm what had come before me. No negations involved. Maybe even your Marx had got facts wrong.

2. The prophets had the role of passing on the message from the supreme reality. So how can there be negations involved? The reality had always been the same. So how can it go from one side to another in the versions? The negations are what the people came up with due to their misunderstandings if there are any.

3. The books that God has given to the mankind is as a user manual to find out what they are. It is just like a user manual that any producer give out for a Car or any gadget so that you do not use it in the wrong way. So you have to find out the right book. Not the books written by people

4. Yes, I share your belief that there is just human and no Son of God. He is proclaimed as Son of man by God himself. God has uniequivocally called him son of Man and told that he had Virgin birth.

and one more fact with your so called socialist set up is, how long do u think it lasted. Can you tell me a place where your original Marxian philosophy is still prevailing. if you think that it is there in Kerala, I think that is the worst form of governence that can be given to people for I have experienced it. It doesnt work buddy. So dont measure prophets from your inferior scale of measurement. It simply doesnt exist anywhere and it has collapsed because it hasnt come from The creator but from a creature.

No offenses. But we can form discussions if needed.

1 06 2005

u say u r no thiest.but there r many who have seen u at koodalmanikyam temple.entha bimbangalude bhangi aasvadikkan vannathaano?

1 06 2005
aYyApPaDaS a. M.

hi anonymous,

That is right. I have been and still might be going to “koodalmanikyam” temple. And your reasoning is partially correct too. “Bimbangalude bangi aaswadikkalum agendayilundu!” But really too surprised to hear that all people who visit hospitals, schools, jails or asylums can only be either patients, criminals or mad ones!!!!

2 06 2005

Dear Ayyapadas,
Calling Jesus the first and greatest is a VERY BLANKET statement to make.To start with it does defy rationality.It might work if one is trying to get loyal christians inclined to socialism but we cant forget that it is also in a certain sense adhering to the power structure of religion.To be honest it simply sounds like one of those RSS claims about Pushpak Vimana being the first aeroplane.
There is no doubt that christanity started as poor mans religion.But somewhere down it got a lil carried away by creating a whole aura about Good Poor Bad Rich,Love god and be happy.
Gautama,i believe more of a revolutionary(i wouldnt dare to call him a socialist for the fear of sounding irrational) in the sense that he revolted against the most dominant power structure of post vedic india-caste system.

2 06 2005

Calling Jesus the first and greatest socialist is not really a statement of fact, but an opinion, open to debate. But I seriously doubt that the Buddha could be considered a socialist in the same sense. Buddha introduced a whole new way of thinking, and many people broke free from the caste system. But I’m not so sure that the system of thought itself could be considered socialistic. Mainly because he claimed the world was Maya, and preached penance etc. And that since sorrows were caused by desires, eliminate the desires. Jesus on the other hand went around trying to alleviate suffering. There is a fundamental difference here. Calling Jesus the “greatest” stems from a metaphorical reading of the Bible, which is quite rational. It seems as though much of what socialists want was spelled out by Jesus 2000 years ago.

3 06 2005

Debating is an art, but faith is not.


3 06 2005
aYyApPaDaS a. M.

Hai Crimsonboat,

This happen to be the gravest problem of what people define as “faith”. Blind faith in any institution -religious, social or political makes things too un-artistic. I do have “faith”, but not in the sense of following an opinion just because it had been a tradition(at various levels). 🙂

Isn’t it more sensible to follow every book (those which you consider good) and have “faith” (the one I had defined) in none. Why should people stick to the so called “holy books” alone when history says that they have always been the tools used by people to cling to power; when a lot of social structures suggested by a book is quite obselete today. GOD is a different issue which you can choose to believe or disbelieve but stating reasons from a book makes no sense. For there exists equally or more well written books which can challege those arguements (both theism and atheism)

“Conservatism is neither an art nor a science, it is the lack of truthfulness and moral courage.” 🙂

[No offenses meant]

6 06 2005


What I meant was faith is something that comes and goes influenced only by self-experience, and debating is only a minor part of that experience in which what you majorly do is to try justifying your faith.

lack of faith is also well, another way of faith … 🙂

and as to what my faith is … 😀

I know the answer is 42.

Err .. thats from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


7 06 2005
aYyApPaDaS a. M.

Thank you Crimsonbloat,

Well, I do agree that what I have is not an absolute faith and that I consider a belief as an approach towards truth. Any one for that matter.

As people who are interested in physics, we do have a faith that “nature is simple” in its working. Or that nature’s intricate relationship can be simplified and made better understood with human effort. Sure it is a “faith”. I do not oppose faith as an entity. But I HATE CERTAIN PEOPLE”S CLAIM OF AUTHORITY OVER ANY FAITH. Whether as Church on Bible, Sangh parivar on their “so called Hinduism”, or any religion for that matter. HOW DARE THEY? I can find umpty No. contradictions and primafacial evidence of hypocrisy and grotesquese inhuman acts from their parts. Still they proclaim and stay alive with the support ot a large majority of ignorant or indoctrinated people’s support. Then how dare they criticise “political parites” even. I have found from history that a lot of social movements that lead to “revolutionary” changes in social structure and thinking cam more from “humanist & political minded movements” rather than the hypocratic pasicfism which at times has breached all limit to be mere puppets of conservatists in power. How can you argue for this contradiction?

The most important part is regarding your suggestion. I like reading and will surely look into that book. But atleast, I can tell you this that I have read better books including spiritual ones.(I have read the reviews of Hicthhiker’s Guide to Galaxy. But didn’t find it anything extraordinarly great as compared to the ones I have read.)

I’m in search. But not keeping a dogma that there exist an ultimate reality or it doesn’t. Most of the theists or atheists keep such a notion. I hate dogmas. Only once we relieve ourself from notions as for as possible can we actually percieve better. I’m not lacking faith (but surely blind faith in any case) but searching for a more rational and “better for all humanity” faith. Atleast for myself to follow. For me faith is a limiting case of being “the best human”. And I have intolerance against theists or atheists and will never bother ot convert them too. There might even be a “multitude of truths”. Why should we follow a balck and white logic? 🙂

By the way, are you some one that I know personally? Just curious. Your words resontes with the somebody else’s thoughts. 🙂 🙂

7 06 2005
aYyApPaDaS a. M.

Sorry I meant ‘I have tolerance to’ “And I have intolerance against theists or atheists and will never bother ot convert them too.”


7 06 2005

There’s a Zen story that goes like this …

The pupil, all fed up, goes to see the Master.



“You say it should be possible to see the path and you seem to be seeing it. But why I don’t seem to be able to ?”

“That is because you have the notion of ‘You’ in your mind.”

The pupil goes back and after some months comes again to the Master.



“Now I don’t have the notion of ‘You’ in my mind. But I still am not able to see the path.”

“That is because you have the notion of ‘I’ in your mind.”

The pupil goes back and after some months comes to the Master again.



“Now I don’t have the notion of ‘I’, neither do I have the notion of ‘You’. But still the path is not visible. Why is that ?”

“If there is no ‘I’ and no ‘You’, whom is the path for ?”


It’s not a great book, neither should you consider it as a spiritual book. Just that I quoted from it, and I like it … 🙂

But its a wonderful book … hee .. . 🙂 … and gave me more smiles than many other ones … :”>

You .. mm .. don’t think know me personally .. I was in REC … 2001 batch .. in CSE … 🙂 ..

a lil enigma is good .. so noname … 🙂

12 10 2005
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