Who Am I?

1 06 2005

This might sound like an FAQ for the generation -X or a philosophical question to the generation -(X-1). In fact, I meant both. Or rather you can read it the way you prefer.

First of all let me answer the question “what provocked you to write this blog?” . Well, we have discussions here through out. Still, I feel it difficult to comprehend the notions which people often keep. No one goes blameless here. But, this is not entirely inevitable either. When you have a mouth, why can’t you ask. “So Mr. what exactly is your politics? Your set of believes?” Or I would better prefer the word “axioms” (courtsey Ashu). And Sajith (M.Sc Maths, Pondicherry university, Summer student in Mathematics) wrote a comment in my previous blog, which I believe carries a lot of preconcieved notions. Let me not answer Sajith or any noble soul who carries skepticism for that reason. But let me do it so as to enable me to state them more objectively.

What does it mean, when I say I’m a liberal-left? :- An ideology is not a rock formed out of brittle and hard grains. It is a stupidity to create a rigid frame work and measure people by the amount they fit to it. For me liberal-left means, “people before profits” and “more equitable distribution of natural resources” in the economic front, “better democritisation and acceptance of plurality” in the social context and above all “never to respect power, but strength“. I believe that “the existence of a system is no proof for its inevitability” and “blind worship of power and intolerance to criticism are the biggest road blocks infront of progress”. I extend this to all aspects of human life. Progress for me is “that which is sustainable, futuristic and better for a larger humanity“.

There is a common notion that leftists are the people who bashes their own culture and search for values from outside. I refuse to answer this. What is ours and theirs? I consider myself being born and brought up here as a mere co-incidence. Of course, I owe something to the people arround me. But does that mean that I should be quoting Bhagavat Gita when I believe better words are written in Das Capital for some context? I prefer to wear typical Indian dress. Might be because I have been habituated and so I feel comfortable. It is perfectly fine for any aspect concerning “you” as a person. But when it comes to an issue involving more people, should we stick to our own dogmas or explore the world to find better solutions? Why should people think in terms of ours and theirs? After all, isn’t it better if we limit to what we think as good or bad? And atleast for me who is passionate about malayalam literature, nostalgiac about some simple things from my home land, bothered about exploring my cultural roots (although, not in the sense of blindly following everything), that question holds no water. I believe “my home is where the wind blows

The next question is religion. Unfortuntely, this happens to be the one which is considered as the most important question in India. The fact that there are more temples in India than primary schools (even if it is church, mosque or any religious structure), itself make me uneasy. Well, humanity is my religion. I am an agnost and wouldn’t like to be bothered by things which can neither be proved or disproved. We can do better things if time is not wasted for such debates. I do not consider being a theist as a virtue or even a vice for that matter. It is just that people are different. And it is foolishness to impose a uniformity in thought pattern (such an attempt is my definition for fascism). Diversity is not a curse, but the essence of the beauty of nature. I respect and believe in pluralism. Most importantly, I believe in maintaining atleast a 1% skepticism in whatever we believe. As human beings, we all can go wrong. Blind faith in any institution is a bad idea according to me. And it is the history of humanity that makes me believe this (again with 99% confidence :-)).

Any more clarifications?




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1 06 2005



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1 06 2005

/me coughs

22 06 2005

Where is India?

4 03 2006

Very well said….I am liking ur blogs….I Believe India would have done much better if “we” as ur plurality suggests leave out the religious sentiments we have which makes some imbibe mutual hatred and intollerance to each other.True i also support ur views and I am proud to consider my individuality n religion as “Humanity”…Wish this gospel spreads soon for a better India And world.


28 08 2007

Nice Blog…
This is Sajit Nair…

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