Rendezvous With Monsoon

2 06 2005
Monsoon. What is so special about it? Does it make you feel horny? …….“. What else should I expect from Ashutosh? But sure, a pardonable remark of an aspiring mathematician from Bihar. The one who believes in axiomatic approach, logic and consistency. To those who have only seen and experienced rain with their naive senses, monsoon is nothing fantastic. Just some drops of water, an analogue of bathroom shower. Perhaps, disgusting too.

Well, I thought about his second sentence. Does monsoon make me feel horny? Oh, yes. If you take sex as an unexplainable emotion, indeed biological, but something far away from a mere physical urge of a person or the logic to procreate and maintain population. (Do I resonate with Osho!!!! Sorry, I’m not a worshipper of that disgusting statement, “heaven through the hole“.) We were talking about monsoon. The feel of monsoon in Kerala is something unique, unexplainable and mystical……….

Am I becoming a pantheist? Of course, I wouldn’t mind to, for this sublime feeling.

I read from a few blog pages that there were showers in Kerala. But, staying here in this hot, humid and lifeless metro (Chennai), I’m disappointed for myself. This is the first time that I’m missing a monsoon. Nostalgiac memories of those cool droplets from sky, as if tears of a hot summer, filling all the paddy fields and gloomy hearts, haunt me. I miss you monsoon. I feel myself to be your lover………….. Yes, horny does make some sense for everyone!

Give me wings,
So that I can fly high and capture your first kiss.
Let me be rinsed with your miraculous touch of life,
Let me be a bubble of your effervescent love.
My loneliness is a moist summer,
Where sweats taste bitter than saltier.
And you didn’t come here my love.
You haunt me with each passing breeze.
And I fear missing you for this whole cruel year.
Yet, you will still be there as tears,
Evenwhile I cannot embrace you from here.

In my land would I like to build,
My eternal home when as ashes I be smeared.
Then will I be with you for ever.
Ever, ever and for ever.

Truely, it makes me romantic……… To quote the words (not his orignal) of my friend and college junior, Dileep (my english translation)

No drop of a rain that kisses the land shall feel lonely as long as I am there. And never shall I be rinsed in loneliness when you are there….

I miss your green serenity, Kerala…… I miss everything.




3 responses

2 06 2005
semantic overload

looks like you with noufal on this one 🙂

2 06 2005

I like the rain too. But my first experience after the first showers that hit B’lore were not exactly pleasant. 🙂

2 06 2005

Glad to see your eloquent words again. You haven’t really missed monsoon cuz it hasn’t really rained here.Officially slated to rain from 7th onwards.
Of course I know you will be missing Kerala and you and I will have to miss it in the future too as we cant hope to work somewhere here.
I regularly enjoy what you write in Letz Dream,I don’t leave comments only cuz I dont get enough words and ideas…

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