3 06 2005
The day was eventful in general, although not for me in person. There were a series of incidents ranging from dating spirit of some of our “usual suspects” to blog comment reply spree by us, lesser mortals. And of course, as usual, discussions and tempo incriment measures to enable a few otherwise hopeless geeks to hunt their dream. 🙂 But I do not feel a lot of enthusiasm to write about those. Yes, they are the little things which make life colourful and interesting. Yet, interesting things need not always make you move the pen (Oh, keyboard! I’m sorry. For a while I went some 10 years back). Hmm, But there was one thing which really impressed me- a speech inside our dormitry! Well, to be or not to be, that is the question. Should I tell you or not …….

Chal bhai, Akhir baat to itni si hai ………

Mere pyare bhayiyoo or bahanoo …..

San unnes sow paithalees mein kya hua…..
Jab unnes sow painthalees mein yeh nahi hua, to aaj kyoom ho rahe hai ….
Aur aaj yejo hoo rahee hai, whoh unnes sow painthalees mein kyum nahi hua ….
Aap jara sochiyeen, agar hum sab eise he khade rahe to unnes sow painthalees mein jo hua,
whoh samaj mein nahi ayenje.
Majar agar aap hamare sath chale, to hum jo unnes sow painthalees mein hua.
Uska kuch nahi hoone deenge or aap ko samaj ne ka jaroorat he nahi pandeenje…..
To pyare bhayioo or bahanoo hamare sath chale…..
Jab hum sath sath sath hein,
To unnes sow painthalees aab bhool sakte hein…..
Uthistatha jagratha, praabhyavaran nibothatha ….
Yeh ek mahan kavi ya chitrkaar ka vachan hein jiska naam to hum bhool jaye ….
Lekin unnes sow painthalees kabhi nahi bhoolenge….
Jai Hind!
…… aree, thaliyaan ……….. “

Oh, please don’t misunderstand, for this attrocity was not my deed. And please do not refer this to any court of law for Laloo Prasad and his likes from various parties, may file a copyright violation case against me! This was in fact, a great basan (speech -babuwa, bihar mein, basan hote hai bhashan nahi!) by our great leader. “Desh Ke Neta” was giving his speech. I don’t know whether these were the exact words he used. Still, everything sounded same to me that I thought he was once again enthralling us with the same old legendary speech.

I thought for a while. Perhaps, he was right (or left or central or don’t know. I think even he doesn’t). I was trying to give all posible interpretation for this glorious and rebellious play with words (of course, those words might have loved our netaji that the same ones couldn’t stop coming!). I thought he was talking about some year. Something really bad must have happened then. I checked with my friends here and it turned out to be a familiar year-1947. Oh, so he must be a freedom fighter. But nah, he was too young for that. Perhaps, he was trying to convince us the need for yet another freedom struggle. Well, I agree. But who will free us from such great “basans” with content so deep (a parallel to George Orwell’s definition- war is peace and freedom is slavery, shalowness is depth!) for poor people like us to comprehend!!!

Soon after the “basan” I went to Netaji and expressed some of my concerns about the on going political and social scenario in India. Netaji was very glad to hear from a concerned citizen and prescribed a medicine for all malladies. “Atma ko jaan loo bache …… Hamare party ke yahi maksad hai ki ham tumhe atmagyan dee… oor ham tumhe yoga sekhayenje …. or humhe sabi manav barabar hai, kale ho ya gore, poorab ya pachim, malayali ho ya bihari ………. yeh jo desh hai mera, swadesh hein mera …. ” Ah, wait for a minute , is he going to sing? I never thought that I’m such a big sinner so as to undergo this torture!…….. But yes, Netaji had answers to all my questions. The only difference was that the sentence order of the previous answer was shuffled. I was more puzzled and thought whether he was a political leader or a yogi. Whatever, “Desh Ki Neta , hame chodiyee“. I cried. And he left me alone (Oh, glad that I’m left!)

I was glad that he found me as an evil(thank GOD! atleast, I’ll tell this, for they say that it was THEE who created evil! 😉). But, I’m concerned for the poor few good men inside. And again since, he had vowed to maintain celebacy, the girls were saved from his “basan“! (I still don’t know the connection between celebacy and delivering this glorious speech infront of girls) Our usual suspects, and my fellow evil men along with me are saved (worshipping devil do have some advantages!). But what about the poor good chaps? This is why I don’t like this GOD. They will never be saved. 😉

PS:- This is just for fun and no pun intended against anyone. Or since this is a biographical note, I’ll put it as – All the characters in this blog are fictional. Any resemblence between characters in this blog to the summer students at IMSc, Chennai is a pure coincidence.




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30 11 2005
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