Rhythm divine!

8 06 2005
Rhythm divine! Oh, I know what you are thinking. A self-proclaimed agnost using a word which should have been a taboo. Well, my dictionary is so large to incorporate great many words of all genres. Indeed, when it comes to music, I prefer the adjective divine to wonderful, marvellous and like. Of course, if it really deserves a word of praise in superlative.

Yesterday I bought three casettes. Thanks to the generosity of IMSc for paying us with a decent per diem D.A. All of them belonging to the Carnatic classical music genre. Instrumental. The best was the one named “Inspiration“. A concert by Kunnikkudi Vaidyanathan and Kunnikkudi Dr V Balasubramanian. It really turned out to be “an album for every generation” which “reveals different styles of Jazz interwined with intricate South Indian classical and folk themes“, as it claimed. Rhythm divine indeed!

The other two were a Violin concert by Kunnikkudi and a Mandolin concert by U. Sriram. Both are decent enough.

After two consecutive days with a “vodka” evening, as if mourning the fall of old Soviet comrades, it was a day of music. Back to the senses (Or is it another matrix!). Welcome to the real world! But what is reality? Oh, we had enough and more discussions about that here. Let me not bore the “curious” victims who stumbled up on my page due to some reason.




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13 02 2006
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3 04 2008

Can anyone tell me a reference book for “Rhythm divine”? A ditionary or something like that.

Write to klaus80993@lycos.de.


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