The Scar of a Withered Burn

14 06 2005
“There is a reason for everything” – that is what they say. A statement equally used by hardcore thiests and antithiests, although rarely with a precise definition for reason. At times our own definitions appear to me to be too narrow to encompass all the subtlities of the provocation. So here I am writting this. The reason – define it for yourselves.

Actually, Yohan’s blog just changed my idea for today’s writting. After a journey to India’s IT capital and close encounters of the second kind with people’s intolerance and glorification of indivigualism in its extreme form (the typical Ayn Randish philosophy), I was eager to write something about it. But music sure has some effect a person’s mood. In fact, after listening to some good old Beatles‘ songs and Simon and Garfunkel, the world changed! I don’t know whether for good or bad ……..

“Hey Jude” created a gush of simple, little fondful memories. A friendly touch ………. “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel reverberated deep inside. And yes, John Lennon once again made me “imagine”………

Every dream has a time to fade.
But crouches through the nerves
Till the last moment it lives.
Dreams leave scars as when the burns wither
So bright to rebel with the disdained days.
Yes, fire is the coolest massage
And knife the emolient touch
For the soul whose perish will make no waves ……

I guess the initial comments now make some reason!!!



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24 02 2006

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