28 06 2005

Life is like a river.
As so many had said the same.
But still a flow of an eternal grace.
Let people call it fourth dimesion, or the uncomprehendable for the lesser.
But all it means is to flow.
The uncomprehendble isn’t the unfelt.
But from every unexpressable things so much felt.
Every subtle sound of a rain drop,
Every rainbow; from those sprinkles
Of water drops in the glow of sun,
Did it convey a feeling unfathomable?
Call it whatever you like to.
But tell me haven’t you ever?
It’s that question devoid of egos,
And to ask you again, didn’t it energise your chords?
Let it be recital of an “unequal music”,
Or the chants of the chords enigmatic!
Or the the interpreter of rhythms uninterpretable.
Or perhaps the melodies undefinable.
Yes, that is life – what I felt like!
Above the plane of perception, it still flows comfortably
Over and over
Till the last leaf that falls,
And the last words that stands for ever …..




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3 02 2006
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