World and an Ex-Service man.

3 07 2005
There is nothing special about Radhakrishnan. He is neither the poorest man on earth, nor a well of person. Just ordinary as per the popular jargon. An ex-service man, 47 years of age. No permanent job but alive with plenty of concerns and yet to be faded ambitions about his life and family.

I met him today. A security personnel at IMSc. An ex-central government employee and now a contract worker. Well, a sum of 3500/- ruppes per month is something peanut for the S/W buddies of the day. Not for him. That is his wage. Of course, a similar additional amount as pension too. Still, he too lives at Chennai. Like many others.

I can only imagine how painful it felt for him when the powers that be (Govt.) sapped the most youthful years of his life as “service” for the country and finally kicked him labelling the “ex”. Yes, certain things can only be felt. Only when you pass through the ordeal. And now with two young children he too is confused and worried about his “fate”, like the thousands or ten thousands like him.

“Ex-service people have no respect here”, he complained. But where do they have a “respect”. People are always instruments for the powers. Neither do the powers have concern about them, nor did the people ever realise what they were, until the climax- the throw away cerimony colourfully named as retirement. Who cares about them afterwards?

Temperory security jobs paying meagre sums; the only alternatives. Still, they too live with ambitions, worries, deep sorrows and little joys. Perhaps, this is the human story everywhere.

It reminds me an old statement about Ramayana. “It is melancholy. Just melancholy throughout.” World is so sad!




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