Somewhere Something Happended, But why?

7 03 2006

Somewhere right now, a kid is born.

Perhaps a sperm from the semen has fertilized an egg but was it X or Y, is not yet known.

Somewhere right now, an electron has tunneled through a quantum barrier,

What forces decide the play of quarks is yet unknown.

Somewhere right now, a string had a strange vibration

And what effect it stretches over the 11 dimensions, yet unknown.

I should say that I am not very good at tenses. Well, this is not about grammar where, past, present, future with its forms is distinct. It is about the tenses of nature or life. Are they really distinct? Every instance has a saga to tell- the saga that precedes and invariably affects the next instance. The future instances are always unpredictable, at least to the limit of ‘h’ bar divided by two pi (physics jargon). Only after the occurrence can we think of the real correlation between both. That is science. What I propose is that, so is life. Trivial is it? May be not so much …….

The question of destiny has always haunted me. What in fact is a ‘destiny’? When you say something about future to be your destiny from the present, your statement is based on the fundamental axiom that ‘future is decided’. This sure is a good consolation for a weak person or even a normal person under the extreme pressure of bad circumstances. But deeper into that if that axiom is true there should or should not be something that decides it. If there is in deed something, if I go to the next level of recursion there should be something which is beyond that which decides its future too and ad infinitum ….. Well, you cannot argue there is none for, if you stick on, it only serves as a hypothesis beyond all streams of logic. Next if you still hold that there is in fact nothing which decides future but it is, then world is bound by a particular law which enables the decision of future. If so that law is nothing but yet another form of natural laws that have been discovered so far. We can just add one more to the fundamental laws. No change in the regular set of scientific beliefs. Then, after all we are in the right path; we are searching for the physical laws as far and long as we exist.

Alright, I will come to the crux of it. Ultimately as individuals, as long as somebody believes in free will, he/she/it needs to address the present alone. Even ‘future perspective’ is a notion of the present and hence it is included. There are people who go by the early morning dreams and one among thousand (perhaps ten thousand, million, billion or ….) might have come true. This becomes great news! A human tendency of course by which you avoid the billions or trillions whose dreams (or thoughts or visions or whatever) has never come true. I know there might be one hundred naïve explanations regarding pure soul or power or …some bullshit …. But I wonder how these exceptions could be attributed to the ‘wonders’ of a ‘neo-apostle’ or hegemony of faith? Hey… please do not crucify me! How can I ask when you did it to very many noble souls starting from Socrates (according to known history)! So far so good or is it?

Buddha, proponents of some branches of Upanishad philosophies, Jesus etc were all people who challenged the dogmatic religion of that age; denial of the prevailing axiom about the form of super natural. It propelled a new life for the next human thought. So will (or should) it extend to the present too. I am not trying to be the next messiah or philosopher. But a form of agnosticism or atheism existed in every age. It will continue to exist too (my axiom). Still, there remains questions unanswered and will. Is that the real measure? After all the axioms of science or mathematics, too is based on observations. Unobserved is a riddle in every age.

My conclusion about something that happens now is to let people decide it based on their set of axioms, provided there still exists a window to modify it. Well, but still I am skeptical about the form of ‘GOD’ as described by the systems in the present age.

I know that it was misguiding to talk presuming the convictions of an atheist – I do not consider it bad and same applies even if it is substituted by a religious one – although it surely served as a window of my logic. Even the axioms are not unchallengeable from a fundamental level. Sure, in that level disproof might not be possible but argument for the proof might be quite weak (in a larger perspective).

Since I do not have any ‘theory of everything’ to convince everyone (that is impossible too- I mean to convince everyone), I stop here.

Still, I wonder why did that Y chromosome from my father fertilized the egg of my mother? What factors attributed to it? What would I have been had that been an X chromosome? What if actually, I were an adopted child of my parents? What if I were dead while I was born or my mother dead? Looks like the theme of the movie ‘Butterfly Effect’, is it? J ….. Some questions are always unanswered (at least in the life of an individual)…. So let it be …….:)

Oooh , this is too complex, is it? Better word which I found is life. 🙂




2 responses

7 03 2006

but for those worshipping god…shud not have to think these all holy craps…

7 03 2006

if u dont kno all these!!
what will be the plight of ur bhakthans!!

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