Random Scriblings ……

23 03 2006

Here when I am asleep, the world has awaken.
When intense flames of pain take me to the lunatic extreme,
I lay to redeem those unfulfilled pledges
And consuming dreams.
Each cigerette burns my existance.
The fumes of nicotin creeps through the nerves.
A drama played in dialogues of silence,
Yet the solitude devastated in the contours drawn by time.
Never have I felt to kill my life.
But is to live a mere saga of endurance?
……… ….. …..
The laughter began and ended.
The comedian made his way through.
His sorrows made them laugh.
The stage entralled but for a coincidence.
…… …….. …………..
When his heart wept, very many laughed,
And when it laughed so many pained.
A strangeness of boundless expressions.
Life in real when potrayed.
…….. ……………….. …..
My birth, my love, my passions and accomplishments
All are but scribes on a pappilon leaf.
Some might lay burried and some uncovered.
But for their meanings ever to be interpreted.




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