Desperate Times

17 01 2007

There are times of desperation.
Times, so consuming that you hardly know
The soil under your feet withdrawing.
Times, so realistic that the rusting fasteners
Which bound you to hope, breaks abruptly.
Times, so disturbing that you feel to shatter
All clarity in thoughts.
And then stick to the times and burn in heat.
Without shying away from the unbearable pain and torture,
Not for the pleasure from pains or eternal promises
But for those reminiscent scars.
For only they will remain with you forever.
For only they will teach you to hope for life in the face of death
And to love for the sake of nothingness.
After uncountable seconds that pass like aeons
Someday when bruises heal and life proceeds,
A juncture might turn so for people to wish for a journey to past,
To those desperate times you treaded alone.
Then for many repentence might fill,
But my friend, you will smile looking at your scars.
And the scar never made you ugly ……….