Desperate Times

17 01 2007

There are times of desperation.
Times, so consuming that you hardly know
The soil under your feet withdrawing.
Times, so realistic that the rusting fasteners
Which bound you to hope, breaks abruptly.
Times, so disturbing that you feel to shatter
All clarity in thoughts.
And then stick to the times and burn in heat.
Without shying away from the unbearable pain and torture,
Not for the pleasure from pains or eternal promises
But for those reminiscent scars.
For only they will remain with you forever.
For only they will teach you to hope for life in the face of death
And to love for the sake of nothingness.
After uncountable seconds that pass like aeons
Someday when bruises heal and life proceeds,
A juncture might turn so for people to wish for a journey to past,
To those desperate times you treaded alone.
Then for many repentence might fill,
But my friend, you will smile looking at your scars.
And the scar never made you ugly ……….




3 responses

17 01 2007

rusting hinges break abruptly.. yes!

Once upon a time, I had a belief: That everyone is just the same! That every human being goes through exactly the same emotions, only time and place and person is different. That it’s all just a wheel going round and round. That dejavu must happen to everyone all the time. That what another feels now, I felt yesterday; and what I feel today, someone else will feel tomorrow. etc, etc.

But then, after a while, I thought, no! This cannot be the way it is. Same wheel going round and round? How can I let that happen? I will refuse to let the wheel turn, or so I thought!

Anyway, I did not like the idea of the same wheel going round and round. So I sent that belief to my dustbin. And forgot all about it. Today I simply remembered it.

How could it survive? Why did I not empty my dustbin all this while?

Liked your poem! If it is a poem. Is it?
For the first time, something you wrote makes sense to me.

18 01 2007


Thanks for the comments.

Well, everybody arrives at conclusions or opinions from experiences which are deeply personal in one way or another. It need not be the “turning wheel” afterall, but surely we all have our own turns for enduring intense pain, pleasure, nostalgia etc. in a multitude of diverse ways, at times unrelated to one another. The concept of co-existance and society got strengthened from this theory of “minimum guarantee” in emotions, perhaps. BTW, read “Immortality” by Milan Kundera,(if you have not) it deeply analyses the question of the individuality of “human expressions”.

If you happened to remember a hypothesis that was long thrashed into wastebin, it just means being human enough… 🙂

Yes, I meant it to be a poem. And happy to know that this one was something that made some sense to you, whatever it means.

18 01 2007

This one was intended more to be a word of consolation to one of my friends. Sure the poem came up from deeply personal premises. A time not quite long back when I was most desperate and yet idle. Now, I have once again began to sing “Coming back to life” by Pink Floyd

– I took a heavenly ride through one silence
I know the moment has arrived,
For killing past and coming back to life.
I took a heavenly ride through one silence,
I know the waiting has began
And heading straight into the shinning sun….


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