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18 08 2008

It has been quite a long time since I posted something. Even worse, it has been months since I have had some serious reading. The last book I read was the English translation of Feluda by Satyajit Ray. Also apart from thrillers and classic detective novels I had no other food for thought. I guess it is time to wake up from the hibernation.

Internet is addictive; much more than I had presumed. Sitting before this idiot box and browsing through pages at random has been the only pass time since I bought a laptop. And yes, I did pay the price for it in many ways. So dear blog, it is time to be “back with you”; back to my home in the virtual world and stop fooling around aimlessly.

Now in the real world I finally won the battle to get back to the self. Thanks to Tinni for the marvellous books. I really treasure them and more than anything you just gave me what I needed badly. The smell of fresh printed pages, the feel of home and a lot of care.

Here are my gifts (and the current reading list)

  • The Argumentative Indian. Writings on Indian Culture, History and Identity by Amartya Sen.
  • Science and Society. A Collection of Essays by Sushil Kumar Mukherjee.
  • Perilous Passage. Mankind and the Global Ascendancy of Capital by Amiya Kumar Bagchi.
  • Why I am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russel.

Three Bongs and a Briton as authors (Calcutta and the Raj legacy). Out of the four, two (Sen and Bagchi) are economists (and Bongs!) and both educated at Trinity college, Cambridge with academic interest in developmental economics. A mathematician cum philosopher (Russel) and another scientist (S. K. Mukherjee) talking about scientific thinking and two Nobel laureates (Russel and Sen) also known for being vocal atheists speaking out. Altogether it is really a treat for the variety of topics and the repute of the authors.

So thanks again Tinni. I will get back here with the reviews .




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18 08 2008

You don’t have to thank me. My case was no better. Apart from a few poems chosen randomly from a few books that I can randomly get hold of, my reading list, too, was a vast ocean of emptiness. And that didn’t even include the newspaper. Now that you have started it afresh, it will, I hope, act as an inspiration, if its not for the perennial problem of lack of enthusiasm that I suffer from…

But I was sadly noticing the irony of being hooked onto the NET! You are trying to get rid of that habit by blogging, which again requires the help of the virtual world. Anyway, I admit that blogging is better in some sense than browsing through the NET randomly. However, don’t forget to post the reviews. Will campare yours with mine once I finish the books, too.
Keep writing…

1 09 2008

So where is the review?

13 10 2008

Ayyappa: I strongly protest the bongification of you!!!

Why dont u donate some Mallu authored books to tinni?


18 10 2008

Hi Sahodaran,
Do you think Ayyappa should be writing about what all Mallu books he has given to tinni in his blog? or is it that you have a problem with tinni’s not posting anything about mallu books? does his blog claim that he hasn’t given any mallu book to her? or has he said that he has stopped reading mallu books or for that matter being a mallu? I am confused…

21 10 2008

Hello Tinni,

You have a good reason to be confused: but wisdom will prevail in the end. I’ve checked with Ayyappan and asked him to give couple of translated Mallu books to you – he has agreed for the same. Now the future of wisdom depends on whether those books will be read [:D]


“Thilakkanam chora njarambukalil” – Vasudaiva Kudumbakam ippo fashion alla. Kettto [:D] (And dont translate this to tinni!!)



21 10 2008

So you don’t want me to learn Malayalam then? I will keep on reading translated books and you people will keep on talking in a cryptic language and will not translate that to me!

22 10 2008


If you learn Malayalam, Ayyappan will have to speak to us in Tamil (for the sake of cryptography) – and he’s not too good at it.. So, better cheat yourself with “dont learn Malayalam: cuz its not very useful” 😀

Of course: was just kidding: Do learn Malayalam – though everyone tells that it is the toughest language to learn, and only people like me and ayyappan can manage such feats. But that should not stop you from trying. 😀

23 10 2008

Ayyappa after staying in Bengal for more than a year by now has only managed to pick up a few words here and there. And Bengali is one of the easiest language. You know, I find this an unequal exchange. I have to pick up one difficult language and for him it is an easy thing especially because he stays here! 😦

25 10 2008


15 05 2009

Ayyappa, I completely echo your sentiments about reading. It is a huge inertia to get started with reading with something (also to stop, once you start !) .
Nice list to note down. As a follower to Rusell, can I please add to the list, Nietzsche’s ‘Antichrist’?
Hope Tinni doesnt mind !


26 04 2010


Just landed on your blog while searching for Pablo Neruda’s lines. I liked ur thoughts. I also liked ur back to books blong. Felt so much of me in that one.


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