On Indian History

2 05 2010

I have got into the reading spree once again; this time with a purpose. Ever since I started reading Indian history, various puzzles have haunted me. In fact, the tailor suited version of history from text books and many ‘standard books’ could never give a satisfactory explanation to the dynamics behind many a crucial historical events. I have taken up a project to quench my own curiosity.

The reading list of quite hefty and I don’t want to arrive at a half baked opinion based on a few books written from a particular school of thought. But I am not in a position to refer any primary sources and so the best I could do is to make the reading list wide and inclusive. Since the subject itself is hotly contested by various ideological affiliations, the task of separating rice from chaff won’t be easy either.

Okay, let me break the suspense although it won’t sound very interesting to most people. So expect a series on “Through the Eye of Partition: The birth and the Social dynamics of Communalist Ideologies in India“.




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