May be

3 05 2010

A poem written not so long ago; this is an attempt to fill the vacuum that engulfed this space over the last two last years. A fresh start!

 It is time to shred the words,

Spread out by moist tears, and blurred by time.

It is time to stop playing the scores composed.

Throw them away like the rustles of dried summer leaves.

Let the dreadful routines take up the stage,

And galleries nod in agreement.

Faded photos are no good

But as frames to be hung on the walls

For the maddening crowd to cherish a nostalgia.

Wait alone …….

Sit down near a beach with a pack of peanuts,

And wait for a wave that bring pearls

Stay for hours, days or years

Though tempting is the thought to dive in to the depths,

In search of the dreamy stones that kept life alive.

May be it is the long wait

With some shredded papers smeared with words ,

And incomplete scores never played out,

All sealed in the drudgery of routine life

That someday turns into shiny white pearls…

May be…..

Just may be …..

















3 responses

4 05 2010
Kishore A

Good to see your blog active. Keep writing.

To be honest, going through your old articles I’m really amazed by the depth of your thoughts and outlook. I imagine there would have been many more people who used to reflect on life and “think”, during the REC days. Today it’s really hard to find someone like that on the campus. Seems like today no one’s interested in any pursuits, intellectual or otherwise, which doesn’t fetch any immediate material returns.

4 05 2010

Thank you. I stopped publishing (not writting, in fact) for a while when other pressures like academics, professional life etc got paired with laziness. And believe me, breaking that spell is not very easy. 🙂

In our days there used to be many people with whom you could have a serious discussion, although I cannot say that it was the general mood of people at large. It is rather the misfortune of our professional education system that it becomes the natural choice for an academically bright student not out of an interest for engineering or science, but because of its tag name- Engineer from NIT. There is no point in comparing students belonging to different batches, for their outlooks too are influenced by the trends in contemperory society. And people who think beyond the four walls of academics, placements and fun have always been a miscule minority. It doesn’t make me wonder if that remains so, but it will be disheartening if they are becoming extinct.

Some of your own writings make me reminiscent of our time in campus. Keep it up and never loose it. Although our views and opinions might change through experiences, reflections and better knowledge, the outlook and approach remain more or less the same. And only thinking brains can form rational opinions for which the process shouldn’t stop. No, patronising is not my intend, but this is my own experience.

4 05 2010
Kishore A

You’re right. There is no point in comparing people and life in different times. I have come to realize and accept, with a pinch of pain to be honest, that people generally are not interested or even aware of things that take place beyond their immediate circle of concern.

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