An Ode to all you-know-who’s

28 05 2012

Remember you emperors, who built own statues
And asked people to pay respects.
For those erected idols will be pulled down
Right in front of your naked eyes,
Smothered to dry earth and watered with the spit and vomit
Of the ones you fooled, hired and compelled;
The ones who hailed you with ‘long live’.
Remember you demagogues, who dare to play demigods
You sailed and surged ahead on the waves of hopes that came from deep despair.
Beneath those high waters lie hidden
The deep trenches for you to slip down and bury,
From which no yacht or boat can take you above.
And there shall remain no laurels,
No numb eyes to mourn or even emollient tears,
That might leave a spread mark in a lone page of history.

(Inspired by ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’, applicable to all the past, present and future you-know-who’s.)

PS: In the era of censorship I too am concerned and scared enough so as to avoid using certain words, in certain contexts and especially against certain people.




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