India’s own Wehrmacht and their massihah

27 07 2013

Mark Twain, in his familiar sardonic tone, had noted long ago to never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers. Well of course, one could go on arguing whether such a condescending language was really warranted or that he was less than charitable in mocking the political or social processes that goes on in a country. If anything, the incidents that have been rolling on news media during the past few months, does suggest a discrete possibility that Mark Twain’s words might turn prophetic. Yes, I’m describing the Modi mania going on at the national stage.

First of all, let me make one thing clear. I have nothing against people discussing the credentials, achievements or shortcomings of this person, or any politician for that matter, passionately arguing for or against. That is part and participle of a political process. But the circus, allegedly put up by his able marketing team, has went ahead challenging every notion of common sense and rationality expected in an informed election campaign. Baba Saheb Ambedkar while handing over our constitution, had long warned that in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship. When criticisms or contrarian views are met with shocking euphemisms, to the extend of applying the binary logic that you are either with Modi or have to be an anti-national, we have to realize that there is something seriously wrong here. After the eye wash with (wrong)statistics, the Ramboesque feats claimed during the Uttrakhand flood and then denied, the  newly mopped up visa controversy, an unwarranted diatribe against Amartya Sen over his opinion by a loyal member of this league of extra-ordinary gentlemen and then regretted, we get a rough picture of what is in the store. To put it blunt, what goes on is not just a political campaign based on a personality cult, and make no mistake about it- it is a fan club in a political backdrop.   And for that very reason, we shouldn’t expect reasoned arguments or freedom of conscience to differ. It is simple not in the offing for the internet wehrmacht is ever ready for the offensive if fuhrer is portrayed in anything less than glorious terms.

It has long been argued, and quite convincingly, that the rise of Hindutva brigade has a got direct psychological link to the crisis of Indian masculinity. Even more so is the new phenomena of NaMo fan club. It is an old story, often repeated as tragedy and farce, the one involving a so-called  “un-corruptable”  man of action, a nationalist with little regard for the democratic etiquettes, and with a proclaimed agenda of development, all the while carrying a baggage of contempt to hostility towards minority groups. These alpha males have come in various garbs in several nations, some more destructive than others. They are loved by a majority of the dominant pure nationals, which in the Indian context translates to predominantly upper caste, middle/upper class, urban/semi urban, Hindu men. They often share a common sentiment, the mild version of which is the need for a disciplinarian, nationalist and fast track administrator, while the strong version might extend to an outright xenophobe whose wet dreams are soaked in militarist adventurism. And of course, how can you not mention it- the corporates love him for he is their own massihah who has promised to bring order in the labour force, economic stability and let markets have their say. The way it is going, the parallels to the time before the creation of the third Reich are unmistakeable, if not as intense.

On a realistic note, NaMo might just be a façade that will last up to an year into his rule. He might not get the arithmetic right this time and will have to wait for the fall of a coalition. And given the diversity of India’s political terrain, he might have to cut down his own self-obsession and go for compromises to stay in power and/or limelight. I certainly hope so. But given the NDA regime’s track record in re-writing history textbooks, introducing unscientific disciplines like astrology into universities and the celebration of militarism, this one might even go the extra yard. It is hard to imagine him successfully implementing any final solution as far as Muslims or dissenters are concerned, thanks to India’s constitution. Yet, my dear fellow citizens, especially the members of the fan club, the wehrmacht, be very worried. As it is often said, be careful what you wish for you just might get it. In the meantime, as the show goes on, just take a note of this classic confession from the film Judgement at Nuremberg




28 responses

27 07 2013
Saurav Jena

“Baba Saheb Ambedkar while handing over our constitution, had long warned that in politics, Bhakti or hero-worship is a sure road to degradation and to eventual dictatorship.” Yet you have never questioned BSP erecting magnificent statues of him and elephants all over UP . This shows what your credentials are as an impartial writer .

27 07 2013

I do not know who you are, but going by the line of reasoning, I assume a NaMo fan.

First of all, faulty logic! Your fallacy is strawman. How did you assume that I support BSP or any kind of hero-worship by any one in the political sphere? There is no logical or moral requirement to bring and analyse all the faulty political exercises by others in order to criticise the Modi way. It is neither a litmus test for impartiality, nor did I make any claims about that.

28 07 2013
Biplab Paul

Hallo lostinsilence, it is better that you remain lost as such irate persons are not good for society.
Saurav Jena has made a comment, how are you bothered about his credentials, who the hell are you asking about credentials.
And screw your line of reasoning, you can only lick the arse of those pseudo intellectuals.
For sake of brevity, I have restricted my preferred use of words.
I am a friend of Dhiman Chatterjee and got tagged in this crap of yours.
How much German do you know? How long have you lived in Germany and how many years of study have you done on second world war that you claim to be know-all.
I have not gone through your crap, but at least all tagged in the post knows that your attitude sucks.

28 07 2013


Kudos Sir! I’m at least wise enough to understand frustration from words when somebody makes it so appalingly evident; and literate enough to understand meanings and did not make any claim of authority over the subtlities. One can make reasonable judgments on issues, if not subtlities, by reading books; the ones not necessarily written by “pseudo-whatevers”, the likes William Shirer’s work. But that is beside the point and this was not a piece on German history, but current affairs in India. If number of years of staying makes a person wisest, my 100 something old grand-grand uncle might fit the bill, eventhough it requires only average intelligence to understand the fallacy of that argument.

I have replied to Mr. Jena’s comment and it was up to the point he made. Your blast just made me smile and worried at comprehension powers! Seriously, I want to believe that NaMo fan club members have better comprehension powers. “I do not know who you are, but …”, in our parts of the world still does not imply “what is your knowledge of history/credentials otherwise”, especially given that the topic was BSP and Ambedkar on current politics, and raised by the commentor as an anecdote!

“irate person”, “not good for society”, “you can only lick the arse of those pseudo intellectuals”, “screw”, “know-all”, “your attitude sucks”,…… Despite not using your preffered words and surprisingly without even reading (as you claim), you have managed so much in just 134 words. I’m really impressed!

I did not tag you on any FB post and there is a very easy option to “unfollow” a post or erase your comments. But you came all the way to my blog, and commented without even reading the “crap”? You must be quite person. And as to my attitude, I choose to keep it with me the way it is. Thanks for the compliments.

28 07 2013
Biplab Paul

Yes, I could have called you a “fledgling bastard” or a “pussy eater”, that would be my choicest expletives, but restrained myself, only as Dhiman had tagged me.
I have much respect for Dhiman and you replied to Apurba in Dhiman’s post and tried to teach him what Wehrmacht is without knowing that he has done around 19 years of research on WW2 and is absolutely fluent in German.

And to counter a 134 word post if you need to spend, God knows how many words, but definitely more than 134, I think I rest my case.

28 07 2013

“fledgling bastard” or a “pussy eater”: Quite a way to hurl profanity without actually saying. Great, although I protest the sexist slur in both; even for an explitive one could be more “manly”, ie. civilized to the extend of not denying any space for the other sex.

Curiously, this is one among the cases where the one “whom I have supposedly taught” did not make a complaint, but somebody else is so much heated up.

Anyway, nobody taught anybody, anything there. If the word was wrong, my bad. No problem, but the context was a different issue and he has supposedly read, unlike you. In any case, you have demonstrated a classic example of a being in some sort of fan club. Other than explitives, tantrums (one is supposed to be manly!) and a total blackout regarding what I wrote, if there are any logical points to argue, I will be happy to go on. And as to the word count, it wasn’t any God but “libre office” software (or MS Word, pick your choice) which gave me the exact figure. Be my guest and try it by a copying the text of the comment, it won’t hurt even if believe in a God (which I do not). Also, brevity does not automatically imply accuracy or objectivity. It is a simple concept. Trust me, quite simple.

29 07 2013
Biplab Paul

Quite profound, should I say, thoughts confused in the sequestered mind, searching for an alternative to God, halt not, find your solace in Karl Marx, the libre hombre.

God knows, does not imply, if one believes or disbelieves, but a commonplace english phrase, may be replaced by the Dawkinians for a better subtlety, “Higgs Boson” ?

As to what Apurba had asked is the relevance of “Wehrmacht” in the as WW2 is not about Adolf Hitler and fascism, but what can words do when the mind is closed.
Atheists, need to prove, out of context, their belief in non-existence, almost like a radical religion, neo-fascists.

Now it is clear where to look for Wehrmacht in 2013, looking for every panegyric about Narendra Modi.
Vielen Dank.

29 07 2013

Dear sir,
Since you have amply demonstrated your verbal skills (actually in every sense of that word!), I expect you to understand that any debate/discussion has a context. If you have something specific, other than your opinion that I have a “closed mind” and a few curse words, as to why the comparison is inapt, I would certainly respond to that. God was not our topic. One must atleast learn to stick on to a topic. Otherwise, the popular jargon for this behaviour is “trolling”.

Dawkins, religion, God, Marx and Higgs Boson (of all things!)… where are we going. If that is another debate, let us do it, but in another platform. By the way, I believe that I’m safe to assume that you have not read Dawkins and philosophy of (a)theism (that includes Carvakas, through Russell, Carl Sagan) to a good extend, that you have demonstrated by your loose and cluttered statements. I would love to see you prove non-existence of “flying spaghetti monster”. Sequestered minds! Alternative to God! Amen! Spare this space for now.

29 07 2013
Biplab Paul

The only problem with Leftists is that their ability to pick and chose and jumping to conclusions.
To put their superiority they have a huge databank of books, they will refer too, without even reading them.
They think they write the best English, they are the unique of all thinkers and all others need to be taught and brought up to a “civilised” state.

I really am at loss, where does Dhiman gets to know such creatures, he must be a digger or a believer.
Pray you join our FB forum and see where you stand on your assimilated knowledge.

29 07 2013

Now, it is I who is at loss of words! I appreciate your ability to derive and assimilate so much information about people, their ideologies, number of books read and deficiency in knowledge, attitude etc. with one single article, which was more of a specific opinion piece than a scholarly work. I’m sure that is not jumping on to conclusions. Such chutzpah! Please keep it up. And as to your offer to join your FB forum, it is my chance to say thanks, but no thanks. I’m sure that the people with such vast and well assimilated knowledge as yourself will not stand to loose anything by not having arrogant people like me. I will make up my loss with other less fabulous means.

Have a good day.

29 07 2013
Biplab Paul

Debate with limited knowledge is like tortoise advising a hare how to run fast.

“But given the NDA regime’s track record in re-writing history textbooks, introducing unscientific disciplines like astrology into universities and the celebration of militarism, this one might even go the extra yard. It is hard to imagine him successfully implementing any final solution as far as Muslims or dissenters are concerned, thanks to India’s constitution” – staple diet of Commies, sick of hearing the same for last 10 years.

One who has idea of history knows what is right and wrong, if one starts evaluating history with Akbar the Great, bless him.
Since Max Mueller told, the Aryans have come, all “jholawalas” sang in unison, the Aryans have come.
The people, who have no confidence in their own roots, lives on borrowed ideology can be afraid of only one thing – a force stronger than them with a solid base and foundation.

They do not talk about Jains, Buddhists, Parsis as they are out of syllabus.
Ramayan & Mahabharata is just a fable for the kids, Koran is their candle of life, how pathetic people can grow, sometimes doubting on their own antecedence.

29 07 2013

“Since Max Mueller told, the Aryans have come, all “jholawalas” sang in unison, the Aryans have come.” — One should at least follow the debate before reaching judgments- be it Srikant Talegeri or Romilla Thapper. I am puzzled by the imagination of bringing in a Max Muller, whose own theories have long been rejected. I’m sick of that Aryan debate and still unable to understand why people are so excited politically about a rather academic question of whether the Aryans (the linguistic entity) is indigenous or not. What if they are, or they are not? CCMB hyderabad has traced the African lineage of the oldest of the people living in Indian peninsula and that goes back to around 60000 + years. Even by the account of the scholars who argue that the Urheimat exists in India(In Kashmir according to the latest work!), like Talegeri, Rig Vedic period comes after BC 5000. Even if we take that, we have more than 50,000 years of history, antropology and ethnography pending. Please, don’t reduce the word history to a mere political jugglery. And I’m least interested in dragging this to another Aryan debate here. [period]

“The people, who have no confidence in their own roots, lives on borrowed ideology can be afraid of only one thing – a force stronger than them with a solid base and foundation.” — Amusing! Quite amusing!

It did not occur to you that almost every product of technology that you use, most scientific principles that you take for granted are also borrowed ideas and yet it has not affected your confidence? But yes, one should not borrow philosophy. Nothing is intrinsicly good just because it originated from your land. And the inverse is also true. I have enough idea regarding my roots. In fact, much higher than you imagine. So peace.

“They do not talk about Jains, Buddhists, Parsis as they are out of syllabus.
Ramayan & Mahabharata is just a fable for the kids, Koran is their candle of life, how pathetic people can grow, sometimes doubting on their own antecedence.” — Strawman. Factually wrong and without basis. Hence not worthy of a comment.

30 07 2013

Again some “keywords” picked up from here and there to prove a repository of knowledge.
People like Siddharth Kak, inspite of being a leading computer scientist, has traced back our roots, that of the greater India, to more than 20000 B.C. but who cares for such “Hinduvta” people.
Again pick and choose, not referring to how history was rewritten.
Not a point was answered in context, amusing, and then flippancy.
If your blog only had any substance worth reading, comments would be worthwhile – you reap what you sow.

30 07 2013


Now your excellency decides what is “true” and worthy knowledge and who has it. And by thy omniscience it has been revealed that unworthy beings like me picks up “key words”, Ever came across the idea that some people, I wouldn’t say all, have a habbit of reading books and articles. Never mind, it might be new to you.

Now, let us see who goes for “key words” and who does not! You have given the example, all by yourself. The person you were referring to IS PROBABLY NOT Sidharth Kak, but Subhash Kak ( Surprised!! He is of course, good in his field, which is comp. science, but pathetically biased and unscientific when it comes to interpreting history.

We all had a hearty laugh after reading his paper on how ancient Indians had discovered “velocity of light” based on Sayana’s interpretation->

And by the way, some of us took pains and have read Aryabhateeya, Bhagavata etc. to verify the claims and found them hollow and outright nonsense. If you have a rudimentary knowledge of mathematics and science, you can understand why it is wrong. It is a simple unit conversion trick! The value of a ratio can be modified by choosing the numerator and denominator accordingly. If you can find somebody who could translate Malayalam, see this blog (a friend who is proficient in Sanskrit, history and works for google): . So you see why “Hindutva” brigade is untrustworthy!

If you have some sense of self respect, do not come trolling again. Thank you.

30 07 2013

Self respect needs to be sacrificed to counter such arrogant dimwits like you.
No I have no idea about science and mathematics where without a negative number or imaginary number, life gets halted for explaination.
The day you can prove the existsnce of the number system that we follow, moving away from the zero as a reference point, I will stop commenting.
Then I will also say all scriptures are rudimentary.
Neither could Anindya, friend of Dhiman and may be in your circle, prove it and neither can you.
That is a problem which will not come out in scientific journals, but a simple question from my son, should keep you awake.
Looking forward to your brilliance to prove -1 to a 10 year old.

30 07 2013


Troll. Caught red-handed, debunked thoroughly, then change topic, use curse words and continue trolling. I stop here for at least I have some self-respect.. Your further comments on this line will be marked spam. So this is it.

30 07 2013

Yes, now that you cannot sleep as imaginary numbers will hunt you, I am happy – if I have idea of “science or maths” was not my idea.
So when people bathed in dialectic msterialism faces basic reality, this is what happens.
Tell Dhiman never to promote your blogs, keep it to your gang who laughs at scriptures.

30 07 2013

Spam warning No 1.

30 07 2013

HeHe – thought you will count with square root of -1 i.e. i

1 08 2013

Still in negative or imaginary time or trying to figure out what is “zero”.
As an atheist who should not believe in anything whose existence cannot be proved, but for the sake of science they do believe in zero, negative numbers or even imaginary numbers.
What a loser.

1 08 2013

Last and final spam warning!

1 08 2013

When someone loses the logic to reply back, the best he can do is block.
As a student of science, one should have the guts to counter the basis of number system on which “science” is based, but alas, one who grew up with assumptions without challenging the concept of zero, negative and imaginary numbers, logic is a far fetched dimension.
Aryabhatta assumed zero as a reference and that is well accepted, until the people living on borrowed ideology thrusts a different name to credit it, but rest all are fables – these types are real losers.

1 08 2013

There is a definition for troll and spam generally accepted by people.

First being: Shouting “foul language” which have more to do with opinions than demonstrable facts.; trying to slip from one topic to other, when one attempt fails (your glorious Subhash, or was it Sidharth, Kak one for eg.) and shamelessly go on far from the point of discussion as it were their right (to remind you the topic was Indian current politics and not whether or not God/eurocentricism etc.). And worst, demonstrating almost no better knowledge or understanding but making claims that others do not know– A psychological disorder that, perhaps needs a bit of help. Unfortunately, I do not have time to treat you. So recover soon.

ALL your posts from this point will be MARKED TRASH.

2 08 2013

Forbearers of science, lost in sheer desperation, never going through his own posts finding out where diversions took place.
I do not believe in God, no one had asked your opinion, but alas, you know imaginary numbers better.
Rewriting of history, do not know what was rewritten as grew up with assumptions in life without challenging them.
Now, the fad is anti-Modi and it has become moral duty if every “intellectual” to write a blog.
They do not offer alternatives as they are politically naive and they do not want to be a laughing stock by proposing Sitaram, Ram Ram, as an alternative.
You can mark my posts as trash, at least you need to do some work rather than absurd thinking and it will benefit the society.
Do not know your antecedence and also not interested, but one thing for sure, it won’t be worthwhile.
I will take of whatever problems I have, right now as per prescription going through the ” Communist Manifesto”. 😊

8 02 2015

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